Craftsman planer blades

Craftsman planers are known for their rugged durability and exceptional performance. The inch Craftsman planer can plane lumber up to inches wide and 8-inches thick using a 4-blade cutter head. When your Craftsman planer isn't working right, find the repair parts you need to fix the problem at Sears PartsDirect. Trust Sears PartsDirect to have the Craftsman planer parts you need to fix the equipment quickly when a failure occurs. We also have old Craftsman planer parts that you may need if you have a vintage model.

Use the exploded parts drawings on our Sears PartsDirect website to easily find the Craftsman planer parts you need to get your equipment running again. Craftsman planer repair and replacement parts Craftsman planers are known for their rugged durability and exceptional performance. Models Showing of Craftsman planer. Shop parts. Craftsman wood planer. Craftsman shaper. Craftsman wood shaper. Craftsman 6 planer molder. Craftsman power planer. Craftsman 12 planer molder. Showing of Back to top.

Categories All categories. All brands. Porter Cable. How to fix your Craftsman planer when you see excessive snipe gouging at the end of the board Check for dull blades. Replace or sharpen the blades as shown in your owner's manual.

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Support long boards with saw horses to prevent long boards from bowing. Uneven feed roller pressure can cause excessive snipe. Check feed roller operation. Align or repair any feed rollers that aren't working properly. Make sure that you butt end to end each piece of lumber that you pass through the planer. How to sharpen Craftsman planer blades Hone each planer blade individually by whetting them using a fine sharpening stone.

Make sure that the sharpening stone is flat and not worn. Remove the blades as described in your owner's manual. Partially cover the sharpening stone with paper to prevent table scratches. Position the infeed table to the sharpening stone contacts the blade along its beveled surface. Stroke the stone across the blade from one side to the other while moving the stone slowly in the feed direction. Perform the same amount of sharpening strokes on each blade.Skip to main content.

Include description. Bench Planer 1 Items 1. Thickness Planer 1 Items 1. Not Specified 25 Items Number of Blades. Not Specified 4 Items 4. Maximum Planning Width. China 6 Items 6. Taiwan 1 Items 1. Not Specified 20 Items Black 1 Items 1. Gray 1 Items 1.

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Craftsman 19 Items JET 8 Items 8. Delta 4 Items 4. Powertec 2 Items 2. Blade Material. High Speed Steel 24 Items Carbide 1 Items 1.Are you spending too much money on replacement knives for your planer and jointer? Please inquire.

When one edge becomes dull, simply rotate the knife insert and continue producing saw dust! There is no need for adjusting any knives as you needed to do with your old head.

These inserts fit right into their spot! Best of all, the inserts are made from carbide which means that each single edge per insert will last you a lot longer than your old steel knives. They will also allow you to run a piece of man-made material such as MDF through your machine without damaging the knives! Let's do the math: We dare to say that for as long as you continue to work with natural woods, each edge per knife insert will last you at least 10 times as long as your old steel knives.

You know best what you had to spend on money and time to replace or re-sharpen your steel knives, so do the math and you will soon realize that a SHELIX head might be more expensive than replacing your knives, but in the long run, it will save you! And last, consider this: In many cases, steel knives need replacement not because the whole knife is dull but an enclosed rock or nail in the wood has caused a chip in the knife which now leaves ugly marks on the wood.

If this happens with a SHELIX head, you still have three more sharp edges per knife and if you need to finally replace knives, it is usually only one or two of them that are affected. If you just happen to plane a nail or staple, it is not necessary to replace expensive knives the full length of your planer head.

All individual knives are sharpened on all four edges and a simple rotation is all you need to do and your knives cut like new again. They even allow you to run a piece of MDF through your machine. Only after all four edges are worn out, replace only the affected small inexpensive knives and you are ready to go. You might expect to pay a small fortune for a journal head with these features, but at Byrd Tool Corp.

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craftsman planer blades

Welcome visitor. Not logged in Login.Find the parts you need for your woodworking equipment including the Craftsman jointer planer and old Craftsman jointer parts. We make it easy for you to find parts by providing exploded parts drawings of every Craftsman jointer planer model. Models 57 Showing of Craftsman 4 3 8 jointer. Shop parts.

Craftsman jointer/planer repair and replacement parts

Craftsman 6 1 8 jointer planer. Craftsman jointer planer. Craftsman 4 1 8 jointer planer. Craftsman biscuit joiner. Craftsman 4 1 8 jointer. Craftsman jointer. Craftsman 61 jointer planer. Craftsman extension jointer. Craftsman compucarve system. Craftsman 8 jointer stand. Showing of Back to top. Categories All categories. All brands. Porter Cable. Most common Craftsman jointer parts that need replacing Base spring.

The base spring holds tension on the base to keep the base flat on the work piece.The planer tool requires sharp planer blades to flatten and form your wood into the desired shape. Sears carries replacement blades of various sizes from Craftsman and Tersa to reduce a wood's thickness or to straighten a warped board. Laminated steel blades hold up longer than traditional planer blades, and Delta steel blades work best for high-speed planers and provide you with a sharp edge through multiple woodworking projects.

Whether you own a handheld or a stationary planer, Sears has the replacement blades you need to flatten and level your planks and boards. Along with replacement blades, you could always use additional power tool accessories to improve your workflow. We have a complete inventory of drill bits and rotary tool accessories to assist with your woodworking projects.

Invest in Craftsman batteries and chargers for your C3 lineup of cordless power tools, and get a firm grip on your wood as you work with clamps and other drill press accessories.

Stock up on saw blades for your circular saws and miter saws, and consider Craftsman utility gloves and safety glasses to prevent accidents in the workshop. Whereas circular saw blades cut a board in half, dado blades cut grooves and dados in the wood's surface so that you can fit two pieces of wood together. Like other saw blades, dado blades come in various sizes and saw-tooth tips for cutting thin and wide grooves in the wood.

Invest in individual blades as you need them, or opt for the Oshlun stacked dado set that comes with 16 blades for cutting grooves in hardwood, plywood and softwood.

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You also have access to Steel City right-tilt dado inserts, which provide friction-less cutting with inch table saws. Other woodworking tools that you should consider include band saws and scroll saws. Band saws work well for cutting straight lines and curved shapes in wood, but the scroll saw provides even more control with irregular patterns and intricate details. Because of the thin and flexible material, scroll saw blades break during cuts and wear down after multiple uses.

Hang Craftsman assorted scroll saw blade packs on your pegboard for when you need a quick replacement blade during your project.

craftsman planer blades

Scroll saw blades come in different lengths and saw-tooth tips for cutting through various woods and other material. Invest in extra planer blades for your stationary and handheld planers for multiple wood projects.

Scroll saw blades bend easily to cut intricate shapes and patterns in your wood, and dado blades cut thin and wide grooves to create housing joints for bookcases or wooden end tables.

Find the best selection of name brand power tool accessories and affordable saw blades when you shop at Sears. Skip Navigation Sears home. Refine Your Search Planer Type. Current Offers. New Arrivals. User Ratings. Minimum Rating. How's your shopping experience on this page? Get a sharper cut with replacement planer blades The planer tool requires sharp planer blades to flatten and form your wood into the desired shape.

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craftsman planer blades

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craftsman planer blades

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CRAFTSMAN Parts & Service

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